This Sunday: The One God Opposes


Posted Thursday, June 10, 2010 at 5:02 PM

Week 4: Phillipians 2:3-11 and Luke 1:50-53

Have you ever known someone that so strongly displayed one quality that it made you admire them or want to spend more time with them? What was that quality? Did the quality that person displayed keep your admiration over time or did your admiration dwindle, possibly to the point of annoyance? Well, this week we are going to focus on a quality that we should all strive for that will attract others and never be complained about: humility.

Also, because I tend to be a little more of a visual person, here's a clip to remind you of little of where we've been in this study and a little of where we are going.

Philippians Trailer from The Hub on Vimeo.

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