Posted Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 2:26 PM

Philippians 3:16-21; Titus 2:1-8

Its all temporary. Things in this world for this world, are temporary. We are here for a while and then we get to go home! Home is where we belong. Home is where we will reside with Our Lord Jesus, the Christ. It is sometimes difficult to raise our eyes to heavenly things and not to look at the temporary things, but it can be done. It is about perspective, ours versus His. The bracelets of WWJD were famous for a while and it reminded us to think about "What Would Jesus Do" well how about even what will Jesus think about this situation or that situation, how would He act here. Can we live like that all the time? With His help, focused on Him, there should be no reason why we cannot. It may seem weird to your neighbors, your co-workers at first, maybe even your family, but try it every once in a while - live like this world is temporary and see the results and responses of those who cling to this world.
For Him....

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