Upcoming Study: The Gospel of John


Posted Saturday, September 3, 2011 at 10:55 AM

This Sunday, tomorrow to be more specific, our church begins an emphasis on the gospel of John that will take us until Easter Sunday. Pastor Stephen will begin with a sermon about the gospel author's purpose for writing the gospel, and the life groups will spend the next two Sundays studying the background of John and his gospel. We will finish our current study in time to sync back up with the other life groups when they start working through the gospel itself, but it is important that we understand who John is so that we will better understand his message. Below is a teaching that will help us understand more about who John was, and hopefully help us gain more insight as we proceed the his gospel.

Additionally, if you'd like to study ahead, here's an outline of the first few weeks:

  • Sept. 18 - John 1:1-5
  • Sept. 25 - John 1:6-18
  • Oct. 2 - John 1:19-34
  • Oct. 9 - John 1:35-51

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