Our Mission Plan


Posted at 12:43 PM

We believe that God has called His church to make a difference in the lives and world of the hungry, hurting, and oppressed for His name's sake.  As a life group, we don't want to wait around for the "perfect" model or plan for missions and outreach.  Instead, after having been through a video study by Todd Phillips called "No Plan B", we've decided to adopt (both individually and as a group) the following model for missions and outreach as something toward which to strive.

  1. Pray.
    • Pray that all people will come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord.
    • Pray that God would burden our hearts for those who are hungry, hurting and oppressed.
    • Pray that we would take action when God does burden our hearts.
    • Pray that God would comfort and reveal Himself those that are hurting, hungry and oppressed.
    • Pray specifically and compassionately for those who are...
      • Hurting (e.g. those struggling with a family illness, loss of job, discouraged, etc.)
      • Hungry (i.e. that God would make a way to end abject poverty in the world)
      • Oppressed (e.g. those who are persecuted for their faith, those who unjustly denied the things they need, those who are forced into life situations that demean God's creation, etc.)
  2. Hide God's Word in Our Hearts.
  3. Create Awareness of the Issues.
    • Research and become more intimate with the issues of world hunger, hurting, persecution, etc.
    • Work discussion pieces into the flow of your everyday life
      • clothing with a reputable organization's logo/slogan on it
      • a small memento at your work space
      • jewelry (or some other trinket) that you carry with you
    • Look for opportunities to talk about the issues that matter to you.
  4. Give Responsibly.
  5. Get Directly Involved.
    • If God moves you, don't wait for others...go ahead and get involved.
    • If you see a need and can meet it...meet it.
  6. Sponsor a child
  7. Evangelism
    • Always be ready to give a reason for your actions.
    • Ensure that people understand that you are taking action because of your relationship with Jesus Christ.